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Vulnerability by Jaylynn Davis

Being vulnerable is difficult. Expressing your true emotions is one of the scariest things to do. We are scared of what others may say or think. We are scared of opening up. We are comfortable being closed off to everyone. But, how can someone meet our needs if we do not openly express them? They can't.

Being vulnerable allows you to engage in a certain level of introspection that is crucial. It is so important to look within yourself and try to figure out why you are the way you are. Digging into these emotions gives you the opportunity to dissect your feelings so you can learn to control them in the future. Trust me, I know this is hard work. I know it is hard to ask yourself why you are reacting this way. However, understanding, expressing, and controlling your emotions is a superpower. Being able respond to a situation, rather than react to it, can also be difficult, but it will bring you so much peace.

Talking to other people about your feelings requires a high level of bravery. When we realize that putting ourselves in a situation to be vulnerable is beneficial, we will inevitably level up. Being open and expressive about our feelings provides an outlet for others to do the same.

Life is too short to hold back. Life is too short to not express how you really feel. We are not guaranteed anything, not even the next five minutes. So, why live your life in fear of expressing your feelings and emotions? Do not be scared to share your thoughts with those who deserve to hear them, even if you think you may not be understood. Getting the words out will benefit you. And more likely than not, there is someone out there that will validate you.

Holding back from expressing your emotions may create a one-sided relationship where one person is always pouring into the other. This is unhealthy and draining. Any relationship, whether it be platonic or romantic, should have a healthy balance of vulnerability. So, I challenge you. The next time someone asks you how you are or asks for your opinion, be honest. Be vulnerable. Be open. Be raw. I promise you they will appreciate it more than you think.

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