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Cool, Calm, and Collected:Strategies for Managing Stress

The nature of society today is go, go, go! It is hard to find time to think and process and address the stress that disrupts our day-to-day engagements. This workshop will address Self Care and Stress Management and is designed to assist individuals in developing resources and coping mechanisms to promote positive psychological well-being. This workshop is offered in person or virtually via Zoom.


This workshop aims to increase participants’ awareness, knowledge, and understanding. We also create a safe space for participants to share their experiences if they desire to do so and express their thoughts. Our stress management training will provide information including the elements of self-compassion, self-reflective practices, healthy routines, self-validation, recognizing when you need help and asking for it, pausing, giving yourself permission to say no, creating and utilizing healthy boundaries, and concluding with questions and answers. Contact us to schedule your session by clicking the button below!

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