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Earlene Felton

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The Earlene Felton Scholarship was developed to honor our brilliant sister, mother, aunt, teacher, mentor, and friend. She is loved and so greatly missed. Now through honoring her – we will

help the next generation of students achieve their academic dreams.

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The Full Story

Earlene Felton Scholarship

Our first scholarship being offered is the Earlene Felton Scholarship. Earlene Felton (October 1950 - June 2020) was an exceptional educator who taught young teachers the importance of structure and consistency, and students that they are unstoppable! Ms. Felton began her teaching career in Special Education at Booker T. Washington Middle School (BTWMS) in September 1974 and retired from education in 2010.While at BTWMS, Earlene served diligently as a New Teacher Mentor and S.L.I.C Facilitator helping many new teachers reach their highest levels of excellence. She was EP Program Manager from 2008 - 2010. Ms. Felton also shared her time and expertise with the East Baltimore Youth Service Bureau, Justice IRS, and Council of Exceptional Children. She was also an active member of the Coppin State Alumni Association and the Phillip Merille Black History Archives program teaching history to middle school students under the Nanny Jack No History No Self project. 


Ms. Earlene Felton had a major impact on her students, many of whom continued in her sphere of influence throughout their lives. She was to some a second mother, confidant, mentor, and inspiration. She was a great piece of the hearts of many as she supported individuals in all their endeavors and showered them with patience, compassion, and unconditional love. To others she was the person in whom they emulated as a teacher. Her heart, compassion, and willingness to do what was best for children motivated them to strive for excellence each day in the classroom. Yet to others Ms. Felton was the epitome of the saying "The cup is half full". No matter what she always had a smile on her face. Her laughter and positive outlook on life is why no matter what may come our way and no matter how bad things get, out cup will always be half full. 


The Earlene Felton Scholarship is $5,000.00 and must be used for furthering the education of an individual striving to obtain a secondary degree or trade.

* Individuals also may request partial scholarships for specific academically based challenges they are enduring. 

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