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Our Non-Profit Foundation

The Earlene Felton Foundation

The Earlene Felton Foundation is a non-profit organization with an intentional focus on healing the community. Healing is stimulated through education, love, and service. We are working to provide each of these through the work we are doing for the community. Everyone deserves to live a life of fulfillment and joy, and we want to help people achieve this through our work.

Join us for our first Earlene Felton Foundation Banquet on April 6th, 2025 - 

Location To Be Determined



To support individuals continuing their academic journey by providing financial assistance for their educational progression.


We are teaming up with SLM to create positive change in the community. We recognize that human relationships heal relational trauma and is an important ingredient in the primary prevention of further trauma and dysfunction. We want to help individuals learn how to establish and maintain healthy relationships. We envision the next generation of students achieving their academic dreams through continuing their education and making great positive changes in this world! 

The Growth of Our Vision

We engage with the community through our programs, workshops, and scholarships we offer! Many of our programs are free; donations we receive go towards future events and free therapy for those in need. Profit from programs that have a fee is applied to our scholarships. Please consider joining us - learn more by choosing an option below!

Earlene Felton Scholarship 

Ashlee' Harrison Scholarship 

Pay It Forward Therapy Session 

The Barbershop Initiative

The Mind of Woman

      A Day of Healing       

If you are intersted in donating a tax deductible donation to one of our programs or a Pay It Forward Therapy Session - donate here!

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