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See the Light by Jaylynn Davis

When a negative situation arises, we tend to think that something has happened to us. Someone broke our heart, or someone cheated on us. We act like the victim. But how far will that really get us in life? I like to think that sometimes things do not happen to us, they happen for us. The things that are seemingly meant to break us, are really there to build us up. There is a lesson in every situation. What you choose to take from that situation is up to you. If you choose to look at it negatively and carry that bitterness in your heart, you can never make room for all that love that was lost. Learning to flip the script and see the positive lessons that come from difficult situations will save you. It will save you from further heartbreak. It will save you from putting yourself in that situation again. It will save your life.

It is crucial for us to look for that little bit of light in every situation, even if it is one of the darkest times you have experienced. There is always something positive to be seen. We must have faith that everything will be okay, no matter what. What is meant to happen will happen. I know this may sound cliché but, in my experience, we do not really resonate with these quotes until we are in a situation that forces them to become significant.

Positive thinking evokes more energy, more love, and more happiness. Choosing to be positive is difficult, but it is worth it. When we are positive, we attract good things. We attract love and light into our lives. Being grateful for what has happened and for what will happen, will inevitably raise this positive vibration. It is so important to take the time to dissect a situation, assess what you have learned, and take a positive lesson away from it.

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