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Confidence & Power Coaching

Hello! My name is RL Buie, and I am dedicated to helping individuals unlock their inner power, build confidence, and embrace their unique genius. With a passion for coaching, my mission is to guide you in discovering - The Power Within You!

Confidence, as RL Buie believes, is a cultivated mindset that stems from recognizing and believing in one's worth. With RL Buie's coaching, you'll learn to walk into any room with energy that speaks volumes even before you say a word. He's committed to helping you reconstruct your thinking, eliminating self-limiting beliefs and the poison of comparison.


Educationally, RL Buie holds both a bachelor's and master's degree in psychology and is currently pursuing his doctorate in forensic psychology. His academic background provides a solid foundation for understanding human behavior and motivation, enhancing his coaching approach.


With over two decades of experience in various leadership roles and upper-level management, RL Buie has honed his leadership skills in diverse settings. His leadership qualities, including excellent communication, commitment, confidence, and open-mindedness, have been instrumental in motivating teams and achieving success in his professional endeavors.


Throughout his career, RL Buie has completed numerous trainings, reflecting his commitment to continuous learning and professional development. These include VALOR Executive Leadership Workshop, EEO Liaison Training, Law Enforcement Active Diffusion Strategies & Tactical Options (L.E.A.D.S) Instructor, and FBI Violent Crime and Behavioral Analysis Seminar, among others.


RL Buie's coaching approach is tailored to each individual's needs, drawing from his rich background in leadership, psychology, and personal development. Whether you're looking to boost your confidence, overcome self-limiting beliefs, or take control of your life, RL Buie's coaching can help you achieve your goals.


RL Buie's extensive experience and diverse skill set make him a prime candidate to guide you on your journey towards empowerment and self-discovery. It would be his privilege and honor to work with you, helping you realize your full potential and execute your power.


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