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Rachel Fatherly, MS

Taking small steps consistently in the right direction will eventually yield big results. -George Mumford.

Hello! My name is Rachel Fatherly, and I completed my undergraduate degree at The Pennsylvania State University. I majored in Human Development and Family Studies and received a Bachelor of Science degree; my Masters Degree is in Professional Counseling.  I am a pre-licensed clinician accumulating hours for licensure.  

At Penn State I was a member of the Women’s Track and Field Team. This experience helped mold me into a great listener and helped me become a person who advocates for self- confidence, autonomy, individuality and to become the best person you can. Being a member of Division I athletic organization has helped me learn the importance of dedication, self -motivation and hard work. These tendencies will be the foundation of a strong therapeutic relationship.  I am passionate about helping others explore and identify stressors within their lives. As a certified SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts) Facilitator, I also work with couples working towards marriage and working to build a healthy relationship. 


My goal is to create a warm safe environment for you to grow. The focus within the professional relationship is to create an environment for individuals to share their trauma, stressors, or everyday events. I believe my role is to help the client identify strategies in order to help the individual improve their confidence, autonomy and gain strength to promote positive changes in their lives.


In the past I have worked in areas of identifying ways within the human development process for individuals to grow. I am passionate about working within individuals and will work with the client in order to help them achieve their goals. The most important part is taking one step forward. I look forward to assisting you!


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