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Dr. Karl Liedtka

Hello!  My name is Dr. Karl Liedtka. My goal in counseling is to assist individuals in overcoming challenges and to reach their full potential. I believe progress toward individual goals cannot be met by a singular focus on the negative aspects of life, and that we cannot build on holes. To reach our full potential, we need to identify and expand on our strengths, and transform our challenging experiences into future motivation and growth.

I strongly believe in the philosophy of being a life-long learner and have continued my education and training throughout my career. I earned my bachelor’s degree in psychology from Lebanon Valley College and my master’s in psychology from Shippensburg University during the early 1990’s. Additionally, I completed my certification in school counseling from Kutztown University and my supervisory certificate in school counseling from Millersville University. During the spring of 2023, I completed my Ph.D. in psychology fulfilling a life-long dream.


I have dedicated the past twenty-eight years of my career as a school counselor at a public high school. In addition to post-secondary and career counseling, I have conducted individual, group therapy, and crisis counseling. I have also been committed to athletics throughout my life and have been a football coach for the past twenty-eight years. My philosophy and techniques are eclectic, and I work to find the most effective methods that match the strengths and needs of the individual.


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