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Kiwanis Anderson, MA, LBS 

My goal is to assist others with navigating through challenges of life. Hello! My name is Kiwanis Anderson, and I am Licensed Behavioral Specialist and a pre-licensed clinician with a Master’s in Clinical Counseling earned at Eastern University.


A career in counseling chose me! I have always been an individual that believed everyone has uniqueness within and a purpose, no matter the size. Throughout my life I have always found myself being either someone’s ear, motivator, encourager, support, or inspiration. 

My experience dates back to the many years of mentorship with adults and kids, volunteer time at Special Olympic events, working in Early Childhood Education as a Summer Program Director and School-Age Teacher, assistance with building youth programs, tutoring, and helping others with their walk towards their aspirations in life. These experiences led me to pursue a degree in psychology. In 2018, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from the University of South Florida. 

My goal is to assist others with navigating through challenges that may be preventing them from excelling in certain areas of their life or situations that are too overwhelming to from which to move forward. I plan on executing this through a variety of interventions and/or techniques designed to reduce symptoms, unhealthy behaviors, maladaptive thoughts, and more; the goals created in my work are specifically catered to each unique individual.  


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