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You’re Not Alone In Isolation by Nyla Buie

During these crazy times it is easy to believe that we are all alone, isolated from others without the comfort of human connection. Although it feels as if we are separated from our loved ones, friends, and colleagues - now is the time to come together. COVID-19 has taken so much away from us, but it can only bring us down if we let it. Use this time to grow your relationships even stronger, and work on bettering yourself each and every day. Reach out to those whom you miss and use this time to connect and do things you never took the time to do before. Whether its meeting with your parents on zoom, to sharing a virtual meal, or finally taking the time to teach your grandmother how to set up a Facebook account-now is the time to do it. This time can also be used to make the changes you want to see in your life. Take time to reflect and really understand who you are and start taking action to move yourself closer to achieving your goals. Light can be found amidst the darkness in every situation, and there is reason behind all that takes place. Although at times it may feel like we are alone, we are all in this together! What will you do today to improve your life? Or even better, someone else’s?

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