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The Journey to Purpose

Finding your purpose is essential for living your life to the fullest degree! Our faith, our goals, and our passions lead us to our vision. Understanding your vision is a great step to finding your purpose! Your potential is limitless and can reach great lengths unknown to you, if you allow yourself to let go of your fears and push past barriers. You are a magnificent being capable of the impossible! Do not block yourself from your distinct greatness!

Recognizing and understanding your purpose is instrumental in creating and meeting your goals. Perseverance will push you through various situations despite difficulty because persistence can lead to achieving great success. It is a great feeling to know why you exist! It is motivating to know that your purpose is to lead, teach, build, listen, systematize, and or so many other possibilities. You can identify your purpose through exploring your passion. What excites you? In what area do you demonstrate great strength? What causes you to feel great passion? Answer these questions, examine your answers, and discover your purpose! When you discover your purpose in life, you will feel an internal drive to fulfill it. What are your strengths? What are your aspirations? Determine what excites you, what makes you feel fulfilled, and what makes you feel confident? The answers to these questions will lead you to your purpose, which will supply your drive! What influence does your work have on the lives of others? Our daily actions reflect our desire for change and our level of compassion. Reflect on your life and determine if your actions are demonstrating your purpose.

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