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Self-Reflection by Jaylynn Davis

When we are going through tough situations in life, we tend to blame all the negative aspects on someone else. If we get into an argument, we immediately assume it is the other person’s fault. This is an instilled trait in human beings. It is natural to blame anyone but yourself. However, as we grow, we need to practice self-reflection and take responsibility for our actions. No one can control you - but yourself. You are responsible for the way you act, and more importantly, for the way you react. Learning to master your emotions allows you to maintain healthy relationships with yourself and with others. Learning to admit when you are wrong is a superpower. It is extremely hard to do, but when you finally reach that level of maturity, you will see great things happen.

After you finally learn to admit when you are wrong, changing your behavior becomes the hard part. You need to analyze the reason as to why you are acting the way you are and hold yourself accountable for changing your actions. It may be tough, but you are stronger than you think!

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