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Feed Your Joy

There are many internally and externally beautiful, loving, funny, happy people in this world, whom others love the company of and they love the company of others. In many situations, being with others fuels our joy! Happiness is external and is based on an individual’s perception, and it is inconsistent as happiness can be gone in an instant. Joy is internal and it is contained in our heart. Joy contains elements of confidence, contentment, and hope. Joy is a fruit of the spirit, a gift we are born with that is limitless, and joy is a constant. Joy is present even during trying times, as it can be experienced with other emotions. Being with others and loving others is one way to feed your joy. We have been given the gift of joy from the Most High to share and to shine forth. Our gift of joy can aid us in helping others and demonstrating the love of our heavenly father for us. Protect your gift and do not allow others to take away your joy. Do not allow others to bring you down, but instead share your joy! The next time you find yourself in trying circumstances and or someone works to steal your joy either by action or by presence, remember you are loved and filled with a divine gift of joy that can aid you through your difficulties. The more you feed your joy, the greater it will become!

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