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A New Day and a Fresh Start!

A new day and a fresh start! Today I will reclaim my life! In life we have the tendency to focus on what is wrong, why it is wrong, and what will go wrong next. Why is this? Why do we think in this manner? What happened to focusing on all the positives? Having faith in our Heavenly Father to deal with all that is wrong, while we focus on him and his glory and how he has so magnificently impacted our lives? We have a lot to be happy about! Take the time and write down all that is right in life - your health, your beautiful children, your job (you may or may not like it but you may be blessed to have one!), your spouse or significant other, your mother and or father, sibling, best friend, your home, food on your table, the love of those around you... You may have one of these things or all of these things - everyone has their own experience but whatever you have - be thankful for it! We spend too much time stressing about things instead of enjoying all we have to be happy about. We need to shift our focus and enjoy our blessings. And most importantly thank our Heavenly Father for blessing us with them.

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