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What is your foundation? What impact does your foundation have on your day to day life? Do you remember how your foundation was laid and what makes it solid? It is so easy in today’s fast paced society to lose focus of what is truly important in life. The day to day hustle to maintain schedules and meet deadlines often leaves one without the energy to self-reflect. Time must be made for contemplation of our purpose in life and serious reflection should be given to the construction of our foundation. Our foundation is what we build from each and every day and if it is not solid, what we build will not be secure and dependable. Were we created to make as much money as we possibly can at any cost, or to love and care for our loved ones? Were we created to have a nicer home or car than our neighbors or to love our neighbors as ourselves? We need to practice self-reflection and make decisions that will enhance our lives and the lives of others. We need to practice gratitude and live a life built on a solid foundation.

Foundation of a Home

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