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Love & Control

Control is constantly sought after in everyday life. It can be a very powerful and rewarding feeling, but it can also be the source of sickness and pain. Control is easily misused, so one must use with caution. Whoever has control must be humble and so careful to use it wisely and be able to honestly treat others as they would want to be treated as Matthew 7:12 states. There are individuals that have been controlled their entire lives and want and need that in a relationship. This individual needs someone to love them enough to teach them how to love themselves. They need someone to help them learn how to recognize and own their internal and innate control. They also seek guidance in learning how to use the power and control they possess to strengthen themselves and build their belief in themselves and their faith. This way they will no longer look for others to control them. They can freely live by their faith and learn to love themselves. Protect your loved ones because you love and care for them and seek not to control them. If your quest is to love, love unconditionally! Quest means "a long or arduous search for something". If you are searching to own, control, hold on to, protect, or take care of someone - that is not love. Now if your quest is love then protecting and holding on to are included! Love is right! Love is always right and never wrong and nothing is complete without love. Love is also free and it is a choice. Ask yourself, is their sacrifice involved? The answer is - quite possibly - but it is still our liberty to give or receive it, and no one can control your choice to give or receive love. Look at the definition of free, it is “not under the control or in the power of another; able to act or be done as one wishes.; not physically restrained, obstructed, or fixed; unimpeded”. With that being said - Love is free!

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