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A Mother’s Work

The work of a mother is never finished as she has an infinite list of responsibilities. The list is infinite by choice, as it grows with the measure of love she feels for her children. Mothers do what is necessary and what is needed to propel their children in the right direction in life, regardless of the sacrifices required. Some mothers do this with the partnership of a husband, while others do this independently. There are a growing number of women that wear the hat of mother and father among several others. Parenting is a very difficult job to do for two parents; one parent working to fill this role must take immense strength! I want you to know that your sacrifices do not go unnoticed and your prayers are heard. Your children know what you do for them; and although, at this time they may not understand your sacrifices - they will and they will forever honor you for it! They love you and because of you, they will be the next scientist, engineer, doctor, teacher, therapist, professional athlete, or whatever they dream to be. Regardless of what path they choose - they will always be yours and a product of your hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. My hat comes off to you!

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