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The Power Of Faith

Faith is the only thing sometimes that can make us smile, get up in the morning, and move forward each and every day. It is crazy how bleak life can look at one moment and then the next we laugh and think wow - was it really that hard? The answer is yes - life really was or is that hard, but we can endure the challenges it throws our way because we have faith. Yahweh has promised us that he will care for us, love us, bear our stress, and because of his word we should know that everything will be alright. There are times when we feel life is just unbearable and just want to cry! And sometimes a good cry is what is needed before we can move forward, but that cry is just us letting go and letting Yahweh take over as he can heal all things. So remember through each of our struggles that seem impossible to overcome - Yahweh is in control at all times - we just need to let him do as he has promised. Love Yahweh and trust in him - he will never fail us. Faith in Yahweh is real; faith can move mountains!

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