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Katherine Hairston

Hello, my name is Katherine Hairston and I am a master’s degree intern in a  clinical psychology program. Early on in life, from time to time, I would wonder what it was that would allow individuals to feel comfortable enough to approach me, while divulging some of the most sensitive situations that were occurring in their lives. While earning my undergrad degree, the realization presented itself and I discovered part of my purpose and passion was to help individuals with their mental well-being. 

Being a single mother has also contributed to enhancing my listening skills and aided me in understanding the importance of mental well-being in adults as well as with the youth of today. With the many challenges individuals face on a day-to-day basis, I am dedicated to providing a safe space to assist clients in their therapeutic process. 


At Strength, Love and Motivation, LLC, my goal is to contribute to a welcoming environment for individuals by helping them maneuver through life experiences. I aim to aid in the development of skills for our patients to utilize as they work to build their mental well-being. My role in the therapeutic process is to walk alongside each individual as they work to become the best versions of themselves. 


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