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Financial Coaching

Hello! I am here to help you build your financial literacy, buy a home, and teach you how to budget so you can meet your financial dreams. I am here to offer you - 

Financial Coaching!


Mr. J Davis is a proud graduate of Penn State University, where he cultivated his passion for finances, credit, mortgages, and equity. As an entrepreneur based in Central PA, he has dedicated himself to serving his community through his expertise in helping individuals purchase and save their homes.


With over 20 years of experience in banking, financial advising, financial literacy, and real estate, Mr. Davis has honed his skills to become a credit expert, real estate investor, and mortgage broker. He is currently the President and CEO of Creditfaqs and serves as a senior loan officer for First Alliance. His extensive background in lending, banking, and budgeting positions him as a trusted advisor in the financial realm.


Having navigated the corporate landscape of America, Mr. Davis has witnessed and experienced firsthand the effects of implicit and explicit bias. This personal experience fuels his commitment to providing an equitable and inclusive experience for all his clients. He understands the challenges and barriers that individuals face, and he works tirelessly to help them overcome these obstacles.


Mr. Davis takes pride in helping people achieve the dream of homeownership, even when it seems like an impossible task. His advocacy for equity in the lending world is unwavering, and he is passionate about empowering individuals to pursue and attain their version of the American Dream.


With a mission to effect positive change, Mr. Davis leverages his expertise and experience to guide and support his clients on their financial journey. Whether you are looking to improve your credit, invest in real estate, or navigate the complexities of mortgages, Mr. Davis is here to help you achieve your financial goals and find peace through homeownership.

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