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Darryl McClish, MS

I am here to help you to believe in your abilities! My name is Darryl McClish, and I graduated from Lebanon Valley College in 2017 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology, and I am now a pre-licensed clinician with a Master’s in Professional Counseling.

Throughout my life I have been interested in listening to others as they discuss their struggles and hardships. Helping others in this manner has always come naturally to me, and it is rewarding to be able to serve others in this capacity.  I made the determination that I would pursue a career in counseling during my senior year of high school.  Since I made that decision, I have done everything in my power to prepare myself to serve others utilizing several tools such as reflective listening, various modalities, and cultural competence.  


In both New Jersey, where I grew up, and Pennsylvania, where I have lived for most of my adult life, I have learned from my experiences working with children and families. Through different employment opportunities, I have had the opportunity to interact with many adolescents and work with them to understand their stories. They spoke about their lives and explained what decisions led them to where they are now. While working at a juvenile detention center and rehabilitation center as a residential aide, I felt limited in my position as I was unable to provide the type of treatment the adolescents needed.  This experience fueled my desire to continue my education and training to prepare myself to help other individuals like them, increasing my motivation to become a counselor. Through my job in the court system, I worked with many young adults who just needed someone to talk to and a resource to help them process through difficult decisions. I strive to go beyond what the job requires of me as I have found what I am passionate about and that is helping young adults enhance their futures, because I know that there are no limits to what they can achieve.


I am deeply motivated to help others recognize their potential and become the person they want to be. I seek to help young adults and adolescents in need. I will be the listening ear and the voice of reason needed, and I aim to listen to and support others as they navigate the turbulent waters of life.


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