Nytae Lane

Prepare, progress, and proceed! These are the three words I live by and apply to every aspect of my life. My name is Nytae Lane and I am a Philadelphia University graduate, with a Bachelors degree in psychology and currently working towards a Master’s degree in professional counseling.


I was born and raised in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where I was exposed to the traumas and hardships that life can throw at you. As a result, I dedicated my life to working with the youth in the area to provide them a safe space while being a beacon of hope for the young people in the inner city, because I know firsthand how hard it can be. I have worked as a peer mentor, camp counselor, group supervisor, teacher, etc. I also spent a year serving in the AmeriCorps program in Philadelphia after graduating from college in 2015. Through that experience I was able to provide the young people in North Philadelphia with guidance, educational, and social emotional support. I decided to move back to Harrisburg to complete my graduate studies and have decided to dedicate my time here to provide counseling services to young children/young adults in the area. I want to be a resource for those that may feel they do not have someone to trust, talk to, or that can relate to what they are struggling with. I want to be the one to help PREPARE them so that they may gain the tools to PROGRESS in order to PROCEED through life so they can increase their personal insight and development. 


Special Offer 

From the months of February to October a special offer of affordable theraupetic sessions will be available. This is a limited time offer, and will not be a permanent option. 

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